It is important to do something physical for anxiety. Move your body to let out emotions.


For me, one of those physical activities is badminton. I love to play it with my friends. It brings us out of our comfort zone. For our camping trip in 2017, I bought a badminton set and I could see I was the only one excited to play it. But once we started playing, everyone started to loosen up and they were having fun. During the winter, my friend, Hanna, and I went to the community centre to play it. I was so scared because everyone looked like pros but she pushed me. I’m so glad she did because it made me realize I shouldn’t let my fears push me back and my body needed the physical activity.

I highly recommend physical activity for anxiety. It can be as simple as a long walk! You can try out badminton by checking the activities offered by your community centre. You can also use the platform of meetup to see if there are any events involving badminton. Or if the weather allows, you can play it in your backyard or in any park. It is a great activity for you and your friends. The best part is you are enjoying quality time with your friends while you are taking care of your body and mental health.

Let me know if you try out badminton!

Paint by numbers

Paint by numbers is a creative and good hobby for anxiety.

Paint by number

I first discovered paint by numbers because it was suggested by one of my friends. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with drawing. I once drew a half moon and my mom said it looked like a banana… I can only draw stick figures. If I do any kind of painting, they’re usually abstract. So paint by numbers is the perfect gift for me. Why? Well, let me explain. Firstly, I can play with paint! Secondly, I just follow instructions and I end up with a beautiful painting. Win, win situation for me. The most important part of this hobby is that it helps me with my anxiety. This is the one I’m working on now:


When I’m doing this hobby, I usually get lost in just painting and relaxing. I love how it is so simple to just follow the numbers and it is an organized chaos. A bit of chaos because you can’t paint over the lines and you gotta clean up a lot. But it truly calms me down. If you’ve been wanting to paint but you are scared to actually paint something, I highly recommend this hobby. These are my tips in picking up this hobby:

  • Find the right painting according to your skills. Some of the painting will require mixing colours and different techniques. It is important to find the right painting for your skills. The first one I did, I picked a really simple easy painting of fishes. The one listed above has more mixing colours and techniques. I was hesitant in buying it but why not!
  • Love the painting you picked! So important.
  • Buy one and see if you really like it then buy more and try the harder ones!
  • For your first time, I recommend going to your local art store to buy it. I bought my first one at Michaels. Afterwards, I bought more on Amazon because they have better paintings.

Have fun with this super easy hobby that can be a great tool to help you with your anxiety.

Please let me know if you do this hobby and show me a picture on your painting on Twitter!

Adult Colouring Book

Adult colouring books is a good hobby for anxiety.


Adult Colouring books is a great hobby to start as it is relatively cheap and it will help you to calm down. When I first started this hobby, I was using pencils to colour the images and it felt like I was never going to finish the image. This might sound weird but I was also not connecting with the images. I realized this hobby was actually giving me more anxiety. I still wanted to do colouring books and so, I started using markers instead of pencils. For Christmas, my cousin gave me new colouring books. These colouring books were much different than the ones I was using, the shapes were much bigger and the images were better. I started using them and it felt just right. These are my favorite colouring books.

Colouring books

These are my tips for you to start this hobby:

  • Pencil vs. markers: Try colouring in pencils then another day try with markers and see which one you prefer. You could also do both!
  • Find the right colouring book: There are so many types of colouring books you can buy, find the right for you. Really pay attention to the shapes of the images and the theme of the book.
  • Music, Music: listen to music! Check out my post about music.

I highly recommend Adult Colouring books as it allows you to get lost in colouring and just relax. Also, if you feel like you’re not good at drawing (same same), this is the right hobby for you. It is an incredible easy hobby! So, if you start this hobby, please let me know!

Block Printing

Block Printing is a good hobby for anxiety as it allows you to get lost in creating something.

Block printing

It is a long process and it will test your patience. Personally, I love it because it allows you to play with paint and scratch off the clay.

I learned how to do Block Printing by taking a course at the AGO. If you live in Toronto and your budget allows it, I suggest taking any of their courses! I really enjoyed the course and I took it with one of my Best Friends which made the course even better. It was so much fun and I learned so much. The images below is what I was making. However, if you prefer to take not a course, there are lots of YouTube videos that explain how to do it. I found this video has great step by step instruction for you.

Now that you watched the video, you can see, it is a long process. This is what I love about block printing, it allows me the time to process my feeling and get lost in creating something. It is not a cheap hobby but I find, it is totally worth it.

This is what I created in one day, I started at 2 pm and ended at 8 pm. It’s a painting that makes no sense and it is not that good but it allowed me to release my feelings.


I hope you take up block printing and allow to release your anxiety. We can’t hold in those feelings, you gotta let it out in a healthy outlet. My way of letting it out is by making something.

Please let me know if you try block printing and if it helps!


Listening to podcasts is a good hobby to start for anxiety.


I first discovered the world of podcasts when I got a new Ipod and noticed all Podcasts available to you. My commutes are long and very packed with other commuters. I found the commute would make me anxious as I was sitting down for much a long time. Podcasts really help me to get lost in the story and not worry about my long commute. It also makes the commute feel a lot shorter and it calms me down.

There are a lot of podcasts you can listen too depending on what you like. Personally, I like the ones about history, comedy, paranormal and true crime. I have made a list for you check out! I’ve include their website for you to see where you can listen too. I listen to these below on my Ipod through the Apple podcast.

Secret life of Canada

The secret life of canada logo

The Secret life of Canada explores all people, places and stories that are not discussed when we talk about Canada. It has taught me so much about Canada and it shows there is much more to learn. I also love the two co-hosts, they’re very charming. I find this podcast very important to me that I’m patreon. I highly recommend to listen to podcast if you like Canadian history or interested to learn more about Canada.

Deadly Manners

Deadly Manners logo

Deadly Manners is a special podcasts as it is drama series (fiction). The podcast is about a dinner party that goes wrong when there is a snow storm and the lights go out. You might recognize some voices such as Kristen Bell, Rupaul and MichelleVisage. I highly recommend to listen to this podcast if you like to hear a non-real story and figure out who might be the murderer.

Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked

Snap judgment presents spooked logo

Snap Judgement Presents: Spooked is a really creepy podcasts that tells stories of people who have encountered the paranormal such as ghosts or aliens. There were some episodes that truly freaked me out. I highly recommend this podcast if you like first hand story telling about creepy experiences.

And That’s why We Drink

Andthat's why we drink

And That’s why We Drink is such a great podcast with two hosts that discuss ghost stories and true crime stories. Em is the one who drinks milkshakes and tells ghost stories while Christine is the one who drinks wine and tells the true crime stories. They’re both really charming and funny when they tell their stories. I highly recommend this podcast if you like both ghost stories and true crime stories. 

RuPaul: What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage

what's the tee logo

RuPaul: What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage is a podcast with Rupaul and Michelle Visage. They usually have a guest to join their conversation and they have general conversations about life. It is funny and sweet. I love the dynamic duo of RuPaul and Michelle. I highly recommend to this podcast if you want some humour in your life. 

Canadian True Crime

Canadian true crime logo

Canadian True Crime is a podcast that reports on Canadian true crime stories. The host does a real thorough research on the crime and it is really well produced. I love this podcast because it focuses on Canadian true crime and the host does a great job at presenting the story. I would say to check out this podcast if you want to learn more on Canadian True Crime. 

My Favorite Murder 

My favorite murder logo

My Favorite Murder is a podcast with two co-hosts who tell true crime stories. They’re very honest about the topic of mental health and remind you that therapy is okay for you. They’re also funny. I know it’s weird to say that considering they’re talking about true crime but they manage to bring humour to tough stories. I highly recommend this podcast if you want to hear about true crime stories with a hint of humour. 

Please let me know if these podcasts help you or you have any podcast suggestions!

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is a good hobby to start for anxiety.

Jewelry making supplies

It’s not cheap as you need to buy all the material but it is so worth it. I love this hobby because it allows me to create something by hand. Most of the jewelry I make, I give to friends and it feels really personal to give something I made. It helps to calm down when I feel anxious. I usually listen to music and get lost in creating something new.

This morning, I made flower earnings and a sun choker:

Sun choker and flower earning

It’s really easy to make these two things! I will try my best to explain how to make these, let’s start with the earning. I bought these flowers below from Michael’s. I’m pretty sure they are meant to be for book scraping. I would suggest going to your Art & Crafts store and picking anything with a flat surface. You will also need Flat post earning and glue for jewelry.

jewelry glue, flower earnings

Once you have selected your earning, you will add glue to the flat earning post and glue the earning to the flat earning post:

You let the earning to dry and that’s it! Now the choker takes a little more time and you need these tools: leather cord, pendant, two jump rings, 1 oval jump ring, cord end caps, lobster and barrel claps, jewelry tool set:

Jewerly tools

You will cut the leather cord depending how long you want the necklace to be. I cut it pretty short for it to be a choker. You will grad the one oval, open it with the jewelry tool set, add the pendant, add the pendant to the leather cord and close it with your tool set.

You will now add the cord end caps to the ends of the leather cord. You will add the cord end caps to the ends of the leather cord and close it with the jewelry tool set. You will open a jump ring and add it to the cord end caps. Make sure these steps are done on each of the ends of the leather cord.

At this point, you will add one of the lobster and barrel claps on each side of the leather cord and close it. That’s it! You made yourself a necklace.

Let me know if you made anything with these instructions or if you find jewelry helps for you!


Reading can be a great hobby to help you with your anxiety.

Books and a cup of coffee

It helps me to stop thinking about things and it truly helps me to relax. Reading is a cheap hobby if you borrow books from your local library. About two years ago, I bought a Kobo and thanks to it, I borrow all my books from the library. It saves me money and time as I don’t need to physically enter the library. I love the fact that I will not pay any late fees returns thanks to the invention of e-books. There are so many different types of genre of books! Personally, I realllyyy like drama/mystery (example: Gone Girl). The crazier the plot, the better. This genre really hooks me into the book and I can’t think of anything else than finishing the book. This is a blessing for me as it stops me from thinking about other things.

I will share some suggestions with you! There are a lot of books that I have read but these are my favorites. There will be random times where I will think about their plots, how well the plot was unwrapped and how great the book was written.

Just to clarify, the list below is not by order of favorites. There are all so so great.

Susie Steiner has wrote Missing, Presumed and Persons unknown

Missing, Presume is about Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw and she’s in charged of a missing woman’s case. I highly recommend this book if you like strong female characters and the perspective from a detective. Persons unknown is a sequel which I’m so happy about because I fell in love with the main characther: Detective Sergeant Manon. I wanted to know more about her and her cases.

Another suggestions is The widow and The Child is written by Fiona Barton.

The widow is about a journalist reporting on a missing child’s case and the widow of the accused kidnapper. This book might be not for you if you can’t handle children’s missing cases but Fiona Barton handles this topic very respectfully. The Child is a sequel where the Journalist is handling a new case of the discovery of unidentified child bones. I highly recommend this book if you like plots that are not in a chronological order and with strong female characters.

My last suggestions is all the books by Mary Kubica: The good Girl, Pretty Baby, Don’t You Cry and Every Last Lie. I highly recommend by starting with The Good Girl.

The good girl book by mary kudica

I do not want to give too much away but the plot is about the kidnapping of Mia Dennett. Ah, it is sooo good.

This is my list of book suggestions for you! Please let me know if you taken reading as a hobby or have read any of these books!