Reading can be a great hobby to help you with your anxiety.

Books and a cup of coffee

It helps me to stop thinking about things and it truly helps me to relax. Reading is a cheap hobby if you borrow books from your local library. About two years ago, I bought a Kobo and thanks to it, I borrow all my books from the library. It saves me money and time as I don’t need to physically enter the library. I love the fact that I will not pay any late fees returns thanks to the invention of e-books. There are so many different types of genre of books! Personally, I realllyyy like drama/mystery (example: Gone Girl). The crazier the plot, the better. This genre really hooks me into the book and I can’t think of anything else than finishing the book. This is a blessing for me as it stops me from thinking about other things.

I will share some suggestions with you! There are a lot of books that I have read but these are my favorites. There will be random times where I will think about their plots, how well the plot was unwrapped and how great the book was written.

Just to clarify, the list below is not by order of favorites. There are all so so great.

Susie Steiner has wrote Missing, Presumed and Persons unknown

Missing, Presume is about Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw and she’s in charged of a missing woman’s case. I highly recommend this book if you like strong female characters and the perspective from a detective. Persons unknown is a sequel which I’m so happy about because I fell in love with the main characther: Detective Sergeant Manon. I wanted to know more about her and her cases.

Another suggestions is The widow and The Child is written by Fiona Barton.

The widow is about a journalist reporting on a missing child’s case and the widow of the accused kidnapper. This book might be not for you if you can’t handle children’s missing cases but Fiona Barton handles this topic very respectfully. The Child is a sequel where the Journalist is handling a new case of the discovery of unidentified child bones. I highly recommend this book if you like plots that are not in a chronological order and with strong female characters.

My last suggestions is all the books by Mary Kubica: The good Girl, Pretty Baby, Don’t You Cry and Every Last Lie. I highly recommend by starting with The Good Girl.

The good girl book by mary kudica

I do not want to give too much away but the plot is about the kidnapping of Mia Dennett. Ah, it is sooo good.

This is my list of book suggestions for you! Please let me know if you taken reading as a hobby or have read any of these books!

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