Block Printing

Block Printing is a good hobby for anxiety as it allows you to get lost in creating something.

Block printing

It is a long process and it will test your patience. Personally, I love it because it allows you to play with paint and scratch off the clay.

I learned how to do Block Printing by taking a course at the AGO. If you live in Toronto and your budget allows it, I suggest taking any of their courses! I really enjoyed the course and I took it with one of my Best Friends which made the course even better. It was so much fun and I learned so much. The images below is what I was making. However, if you prefer to take not a course, there are lots of YouTube videos that explain how to do it. I found this video has great step by step instruction for you.

Now that you watched the video, you can see, it is a long process. This is what I love about block printing, it allows me the time to process my feeling and get lost in creating something. It is not a cheap hobby but I find, it is totally worth it.

This is what I created in one day, I started at 2 pm and ended at 8 pm. It’s a painting that makes no sense and it is not that good but it allowed me to release my feelings.


I hope you take up block printing and allow to release your anxiety. We can’t hold in those feelings, you gotta let it out in a healthy outlet. My way of letting it out is by making something.

Please let me know if you try block printing and if it helps!


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