Paint by numbers

Paint by numbers is a creative and good hobby for anxiety.

Paint by number

I first discovered paint by numbers because it was suggested by one of my friends. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with drawing. I once drew a half moon and my mom said it looked like a banana… I can only draw stick figures. If I do any kind of painting, they’re usually abstract. So paint by numbers is the perfect gift for me. Why? Well, let me explain. Firstly, I can play with paint! Secondly, I just follow instructions and I end up with a beautiful painting. Win, win situation for me. The most important part of this hobby is that it helps me with my anxiety. This is the one I’m working on now:


When I’m doing this hobby, I usually get lost in just painting and relaxing. I love how it is so simple to just follow the numbers and it is an organized chaos. A bit of chaos because you can’t paint over the lines and you gotta clean up a lot. But it truly calms me down. If you’ve been wanting to paint but you are scared to actually paint something, I highly recommend this hobby. These are my tips in picking up this hobby:

  • Find the right painting according to your skills. Some of the painting will require mixing colours and different techniques. It is important to find the right painting for your skills. The first one I did, I picked a really simple easy painting of fishes. The one listed above has more mixing colours and techniques. I was hesitant in buying it but why not!
  • Love the painting you picked! So important.
  • Buy one and see if you really like it then buy more and try the harder ones!
  • For your first time, I recommend going to your local art store to buy it. I bought my first one at Michaels. Afterwards, I bought more on Amazon because they have better paintings.

Have fun with this super easy hobby that can be a great tool to help you with your anxiety.

Please let me know if you do this hobby and show me a picture on your painting on Twitter!

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