It is important to do something physical for anxiety. Move your body to let out emotions.


For me, one of those physical activities is badminton. I love to play it with my friends. It brings us out of our comfort zone. For our camping trip in 2017, I bought a badminton set and I could see I was the only one excited to play it. But once we started playing, everyone started to loosen up and they were having fun. During the winter, my friend, Hanna, and I went to the community centre to play it. I was so scared because everyone looked like pros but she pushed me. I’m so glad she did because it made me realize I shouldn’t let my fears push me back and my body needed the physical activity.

I highly recommend physical activity for anxiety. It can be as simple as a long walk! You can try out badminton by checking the activities offered by your community centre. You can also use the platform of meetup to see if there are any events involving badminton. Or if the weather allows, you can play it in your backyard or in any park. It is a great activity for you and your friends. The best part is you are enjoying quality time with your friends while you are taking care of your body and mental health.

Let me know if you try out badminton!

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